Rails security and strategy reading list #4

Happy 2016!

Here are a few articles from different categories that I found interesting in the past weeks. Now it also includes real-world vulnerabilities and hacks for us to learn from.

Security report: This security report reminds us to re-check passwords, IDs and more if the operation includes more than one step.

In this particular case, the password wasn’t re-checked when deleting a user after filling out a small survey after the initial password check.

Hack: An Instagram admin panel was leaked at the end of last year

Some don’t agree with the way it was reported. But it’s based on a hard-coded Rails secret token (from config/initializers/secret_token.rb) in a publicly accessible repository.

Development: The new Chrome development toolbar has security panel

It explains the lock icon and mixed content notifications.

Strategy check: Test your server response headers for the new security headers

The new securityheaders.io includes a scoring system.

Development: A reminder how to use Rails strong parameters

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