Rails security reading digest #8: Admin panel, checklists and link security

Do you have an admin panel? Then you might be interested in my recent article @codeship: How to protect a sensitive area of your application with mutual TLS authentication. That means the client also authenticates itself against the server with a client-side certificate. The full nginx web server configuration is available here.

Now, what was worth reading recently:

About rel=noopener

About rel=noopener in links to remove access to the window JS object when linking with target=_blank

Let’s encrypt with a Rails app on Heroku


Remote Code Execution in all git versions (client + server) < 2.7.4: CVE-2016-2324, CVE-2016‑2315

Remote Code Execution in git client and server


Vendor Security Assessment Questionnaires

The web app security questionnaire that Google uses to assess vendors



A basic security checklist from all levels with quick wins

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