Rails and web security reading (with Gmail security lessons learned) #9

So what did the Gmail team learn while protecting their app?
  • “Prevent vulnerabilities through product design”
  • “Empower users to take action through a meaningful feedback UI”
  • “Any defense can be defeated – use defense in depth with multiple layers of protection”
  • “Detection systems are imperfect – implement catch-up mechanisms”
  • “Make it hard for attackers to understand your defenses”
  • “Implement an emergency system“ as a last resort
And now for other interesting reads:

Let’s Encrypt & Nginx

Set up Let’s encrypt, nginx and security headers

How I got XSS’d by my ad network

XSS from ad networks on a security researcher’s blog

The misunderstood X-XSS-Protection

Rails sends the recommended setting by default, but an interesting read.

Secure websites shun HTTP Public Key Pinning

HTTP Public Key Pinning not widely adopted, also because a small mistake could wipe out an online business

Uber bug bounty: Turning self-XSS into good-XSS

How self-XSS can still be used to affect other users

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