Rails and web security digest #17

Since Let’s Encrypt started, the adaption of HTTPS picked up speed. In Firefox the percentage of HTTPS page loads is now at 42%. Browsers also campaign for it. More & more of them mark forms with sensitive information as insecure. More about this in today’s interesting security news:

Ruby method and class injection

Injecting Ruby method and class names. This is a pretty frequent „guest“ in my security code audits, so I wrote about it.

Is HTTP Public Key Pinning dead?

Opinion by Ivan Ristić about HTTP Public Key Pinning (HPKP) being too complicated and dangerous to implement.

Storing Passwords in a Highly Parallelized World

As password cracking methods get faster & faster, it might be time to move from bcrypt to Argon2. Ruby gem.

Authorization with Pundit

Reshaping web defenses with strict Content Security Policy

Interesting new tools and research about Content-Security-Policy

Is your database affected by CVE-2016-6662?

Are you affected by the latest MySQL critical vulnerability?

Two Factor Authentication

Screencast on how to add 2FA to your application

Moving towards a more secure web

Also Chrome will mark login screens as insecure if served over plain HTTP.

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