Safer debugging, postmortem and security reading list ? #22

Lots of web application security articles last week again. So here are the most interesting ones.

  • Phillip shares a way to color­-code the PRY console in a production environment. He always has 2 debugging consoles open side by side. One in production and one in development. You know what can happen.
  • A good example of a postmortem for the Gitlab disaster,  including the issue tickets. Similar steps might  be needed after a security incident.
  • The Mozilla Security Bytes podcast starts with an episode on the Content­Security­-Policy.
  • If you’re using Docker, there are now Docker secrets.
  • And did you ever write a commit message “remove password”? You’re not alone. Don’t use it again, it might be a public repository.

Security updates

These friends of Rails saw security updates last week:

  • Jenkins released new versions after fixing several security issues, including a high one.

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