Rails and web application security 🔐 Sunday #22

The feature came in with this pull request and was inspired by the sekrets gem. This allows you to commit encrypted production secrets. The encryption happens using a master key which will live in an env var (production). Or in a git-ignored file (development). This video explains the process.

They fixed it within 5 hours, but the pitfalls of the JS postMessage API might live in your code, as well. In short: Specify which origin may receive the message and validate the origin on the other side.

application rencontres gay Used to Rails’ security? Check your plain Ruby code using Net::HTTP

The long discussion here makes clear (again) that we’ve to take good care of user input and Net::HTTP. Hint: Line breaks lead to HTTP header injection.
The recent memory leak in Cloudflare showed various secrets to random visitors of these sites. Also, read these pragmatic thoughts about #Cloudbleed.
But 1Password shows us how important it is to think about the worst-case scenario. They use a Secure Remote Password protocol where the client and server prove their identity to each other.
But also read the pragmatic thoughts of Linus Torvalds about the matter.

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