Excel Injection via Rails downloads

cenforce 150 mg What Is Excel Injection?

Ijebu-Jesa Excel injection occurs when a CSV or Excel file is crafted to contain control characters in a cell which run a command when the file is opened. When a cell starts with =, +, or – in a string field, Excel can be made to launch executable files or visit a webpage. As an example, putting the string =cmd|' /C calc'!A0 will launch the calculator app on Windows when the sheet is opened and the user confirms to trust the source of the file.

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Through injection, Excel can be made to open arbitrary programs or visit malicious URLs. A warning does pop up telling the user about the risks, but it may be ignored because it asks whether you trust the source of the file.

http://alpineguide.cz/index.php/module/action/param1/cs--kontakt How can I prevent it?

To prevent injection attacks, you need to sanitize the inputs. Make sure any Excel special characters at the start of a cell are escaped using a xxxsexmoviesfreesingle ' quotation mark (so e.g. = becomes '=).