Ruby on Rails web security digest #16

It feels like after summer, the amount of security news increases again. Yes, also on the Rails security project, a few new articles about other forms of injection. Oh and here interesting reads from elsewhere:

The Dropbox hack is real

Yes the Dropbox hack is real and this is proper journalism – verified and cross-checked before publishing.

Mitigating MIME Confusion Attacks in Firefox

Firefox now also supports the X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff against MIME-type sniffing.

Protecting your embedded content with subresource integrity (SRI)

Using subresource integrity (SRI)? Here’s how to add a fallback.

Did you like attr_accessible? Someone ported it to Rails 5.

Google Chrome, Firefox Address Bar Spoofing Vulnerability

A spooky browser vulnerability turns URLs around if it sees an RTL string.

Let’s look at some of the security at Github

Some security features at Github, including a hack for dangling markup.

The target=”_blank” vulnerability by example

Antivirus Uploads with Clamby

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